KINEGRAM® Around the World

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KURZ (LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG), Supplier of the house notes’ principal security features, namely the KINEGRAM COLORS® foil stripe and thread as well as KINEGRAM® COSMIC foil patch and thread

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Project Description

The two new house notes 5 & 55 “KINEGRAM® Around the World” were presented during the INTERGRAF Currency + Identity conference in October last year.

The new sample banknotes are the result of a collaboration from of KURZ and PWPW. These two new sample banknotes are the result of perfect team work and combine unique KINEGRAM® features with state-of-the-art security elements and printing techniques from PWPW.

Design Theme

These two new sample banknotes showcase perfect team work and combine unique KINEGRAM® features applied to the surface and incorporated into the paper with state-of-the-art security elements and printing techniques from PWPW. Both house notes are designed as part of the new “KINEGRAM® around the world” series and highlight the African continent. This is reflected in the print and foil motifs, where the foil design is adapted to the print on the front of the notes, creating a harmonious and attractive visual appearance that fosters effective interaction with the banknotes.

Both house notes are designed, as part of a series, along the theme of “KINEGRAM® around the world” – with a focus on the continent Africa. This is reflected in relevant motifs on the banknotes, such as African wildlife or a panorama of iconic African landmarks that includes the Pyramids of Giza, a traditional Mali mud hut or the solemn Martyrs’ Memorial from Algeria. These landmarks are complemented by geometric elements in offset print.

Integration of Security Features

The first of the 2 new banknotes showcases a registered KURZ THREAD with round globe symbols as well as a registered stripe with a leopard, both equipped with KINEGRAM COLORS® technology. It is the first implementation of a registered KINEGRAM COLORS® thread where you can see three different colors in precise positions relative to the print design of the banknote. The use of colorful features for banknotes maximizes the chance that a forged note will be easily detected, and is an additional way of making the banknote extremely safe.
The second sample note demonstrates the combination of a patch and a KURZ THREAD, both of which are realized with KINEGRAM® COSMIC color shifting technology. COSMIC stands for a metallic color shift that creates a further barrier to the counterfeiter, as well as an obvious invitation to the banknote user to inspect the note more closely. The KINEGRAM® COSMIC patch was also deployed for the first time and demonstrates the combination of a prominent color shift and a variety of eye-catching visual security effects based on the unique, non-holographic KINEGRAM® technology. This combination of color shift and several optical security effects exceeds the possibilities of traditional OVMI features and puts extremely high barriers in the way of counterfeiters.

Other Aspects

The novel, feature-inherent COSMIC and COLORS technologies notwithstanding, KINEGRAM® stripes and patches are well-proven in their effectiveness and at the forefront of securing banknotes against counterfeiting for more than 30 years. They can be applied onto any substrate, during the substrate manufacturing process or in the printing works, and efficiently run on any industry-standard application machine. They are renowned for their cost-effectiveness and efficiency in banknote production.
The features stand out in that they are easy to understand, easy to check and hard to copy, enabling effective and intuitive verification of the banknotes’ authenticity.

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