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Project Team

Banknote feature specialists, R+D and designers from G+D, Louisenthal and SICPA.

Project Description

JUMP is an intuitive and intensively visual dynamic design concept developed between G+D and SICPA. It is about optimizing the approach of storytelling by perfectly aligning design and effect of two separate features – Spark plus Foil. Here the RollingStar® LEAD Pure foil and SICPA SPARK are matched to produce a banknote security design focused on achieving high aesthetic appeal utilising highly secure dynamic banknote features. The recognition (or memorable) value of the security film design and animation is ideally supported and also supplemented by the SICPA SPARK® feature. This means that a fake becomes intuitively easy to recognize, as the effect of the foil is firmly anchored in the subconscious. The technical complexity here is also resilient against counterfeit attacks, as it is enhanced with micromirror technology and ColorShift technology. The technical complexity together with the intuitive recognition results in an optimal security concept for a modern banknote.

I understand that I will be required to provide displays of the note (according to IACA’s specs ) for voting at the Banknote Conference

Design Theme

JUMP is the new shooting star in banknote design! Innovative micromirrors create stunning effects.
The design depicts photography of a model at a fashion show, and how animated and dynamic security elements of the banknote bring the theme to life.
On the front of the note, this JUMP action is set against a background of the city. The key elements are the model to the left and the photographer to the right. The model on the left is depicted in a dynamic SPARK Flow® DIMENSIONfeature, coming to life as the note is tilted. The photographer is taking shots of the model. The photographer´s camera and the city building in the foreground is RollingStar Lead Foil Pure. As the note is tilted, you see the camera´s shutter open and close (dynamic Galaxy effect), and the building`s silhouette (which also doubles as the cameraman’s tie) moves horizontally, in line with the RollingStar cube animation effect. The corresponding colourshift is gold to green. The watermark, which is to the right of the photographer when viewed from the front, also represents an image of a building.
On the back of the JUMP concept note, is an image of the photographer sittting at his desk looking at his photo prints. Behind him an image of a window through which you can see the silhouette of the city. The RollingStar i+ security thread features RollingBar impressions and is integrated as a skyscraper into the skyline.

Integration of Security Features

Here we see the 9mm RollingStar LEAD Pure with fine demetallized areas. The camera lens opens and closes when the banknote is tilted north-south and 2 ring structures in the lens with a brilliant omnidirectional dynamic depth effect (galaxy effect) become visible. The building in the lower part of the slide is animated from each floor using opposing rolling cube animation effects. All elements have a ColorShift coating over the micro mirrors, which shows a color shift from gold to green when the banknote is tilted. The lady on the left edge of the note, printed in Spark Flow technology, has a correspondingcolor shift and a ribbon costume.

Rear: A 3mm wide security thread with large windows is integrated here. Cleartext is BN 20. The ColorShift here is also gold to green. The fine structures are animated and displayed in RollingStar i+ technology with crystal effect.
The printed value of the “no legal tender” JUMP sample banknote is 20.

Other Aspects

The technical development, concept and implementation are a joint effort by specialist departments at Papierfabrik Louisenthal GmbH and G+D Currency Technology GmbH and SICPA. JUMP possesses a high level of technical complexity, the highest technical standards to challenge counterfeiters and limit their potential. This objective is supported by our foil features, a mixture of vaporized ColourShift thinfilm technology, fine line demetalization, origination, fidelity of structure moulding, high-end optical effects, micromirror optimisation, latest holography and the implementation of the exciting technology of SICPA SPARK Flow® DIMENSION.

These technical elements are used to make the motifs three-dimensional more remarkable, as dynamic movement is more fluid and colours more powerful, which ensures a high intuitive recognition value and thus makes banknotes as secure as possible.

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