Project Owner:  Humania

The Global Cash Community has joined forces to support those who have been most affected by the pandemic in their efforts to recover and rebuild.

The diversity of our community is our strength. Most of us already have ideas about how we can help others who are suffering during this crisis. These ideas will most likely be specific to your region, culture or scope of operations. HUMANIA will empower you to convert your ideas into reality and gain the support for the global community. Our social responsibilities extend beyond the places where we live and work to the actual people who depend on cash to survive, exchange and simply exist as fellow humans. HUMANIA is the global cash community’s social responsibility platform allowing us all to engage, contribute and ‘give something back’ to our world.

HUMANIA started with the launch of HUMANIACURRENCY. This initiative facilitates those willing to help, via design activity, to join forces and leverage their design skills as a valuable asset to help reconstruction, post Covid-19. HUMANIACURRENCY is a framework to facilitate the design of currency (banknotes and coins), celebrating and paying tribute to the people, spirit and collective solidarity of humanity during the Covid-19 pandemic. HUMANIACURRENCY designs will not actually become or replace circulating currency.

HUMANIA is all about restoring hope and supporting the people in society who have been most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in their efforts to recover and rebuild. HUMANIA aims to achieve this by:
❤ Raising funds and awareness to support post COVID-19 recovery.
❤ Paying tribute to those who have been in the front line during the fight against the pandemic.
❤ Demonstrating that cash connects people in a crisis situation thanks to its unique attributes: universality, resilience and trust

The possibilities for HUMANIA to evolve into a vector for the Global Cash Community to ‘give back’ to society are significant. Collectively, we share a responsibility to support those who use the products (banknotes and coins) we design, develop, distribute and deploy. Our social responsibilities are global in context and we must find a way to reach and help those who need it the most.

5 unique designs have been created.

Awards | Special Covid Response Award- 2021


Best Currency Initiatives Implemented In Response To Covid-19