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The information age presents unprecedented opportunities to reach wide audiences, but to do so, communicators must cut through the volume with effective messages and images that capture the audience’s interest and imagination. Connecting and engaging in this new environment is a permanent challenge, yet if successful, offers enormous rewards. In our 2017 and 2018 bank note campaigns, the Bank of Canada has invested heavily in developing new techniques to completely reimagine how new bank notes are introduced to an online public. Presenting our material in new and highly innovative ways has created a wealth of new opportunities for audiences to participate in online storytelling and communication — celebrating Canada’s history, our bank notes and the Bank of Canada itself.

Please review the attached nomination paper that succinctly highlights how these two online campaigns comply with the IACA award criteria.

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Canada; the Bank of Canada has since shared our code base for this work with other central banks to help them communicate their own bank note stories in this way; the ECB has taken our tech, iterated on it and produced their newest bank notes site .

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