Digital Design, Tangible Security – The Digital Design and Origination Approval Process by KURZ

Project Owner: LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

KURZ’s response to Covid-19 was the introduction of a new digital process for design and origination approval.
Our designers have evolved into highly skilled experts for transforming requirements voiced by the central bank customer into a sophisticated digital design. The constant to and fro of information, which in the current situation is nearly 100% digital itself, is enabled by a digital design process.

For an design approval, the finalized design file, as well as supporting materials such as detailed effect visualizations, can be transmitted to the central bank by a secure messaging system. Once the design has been approved, a first master shim is produced. While previously, physical samples were manufactured to demonstrate the end product to the customer, KURZ is now offering a new digital alternative. We are able to propose a new generation of highly advanced, perfectly detailed digital animations – which illustrate to the customer precisely how a security feature produced with the master shim will look. The accurate animation is also made available to the central bank and can be used as the basis for approving the master shim.

A secured online messaging system allows for design drafts, artworks and animations to be safely transmitted from the designer to the customer for corrections and approvals.

The advantages of this brave new world are: optimized demonstration of the effects and its visual impression, increased flexibility, speedy and secure data exchange, reduced travel cost. Indeed, it replaces the need for travel altogether in the current pandemic – but maintains the full capacity to interact for both the supplier and the central bank customer. It goes without saying that no security compromises are being made in preserving the ability to interact – the digital environment for working with sensitive, confidential design data is perfectly secured. A positive side effect of our new digital process is the reduction of CO2, as travel and sample shipments are saved.

On another note, these digital data are a perfect starting point for a customer to incorporate into his public relations materials, for example when creating a marketing campaign to accompany the launch of new banknotes. The animation is perfect for use in a video clip that explains to the end users how to examine the visual effects of the banknote security stripe.

The new interaction is greatly facilitated by digital processes and systems, benefiting in turn from greater flexibility, speedy exchange and optimized possibilities for visualization and explanation. Arguably, digitalization thus leads to a significant improvement in the design process as well as an increase in banknote security, which will endure even after the pandemic. By sticking to the new process, we can continue to save CO2 in the future through reduced shipping and traveling.

Based on the new digital process, KURZ was able to receive design and origination approvals 100% digitally and with no delays – ensuring on-time finishing of the foil design and ultimately, the banknote issuance.

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Awards | Special Covid Response Award- 2021


Best Currency Initiatives Implemented In Response To Covid-19