Currency for Kids

Organisation: Global Coin Solutions

Currency for Kids is a fundraising effort focusing on the collection of leftover foreign currency to support local Children’s Aid Foundations. It began with a single Foundation and has since expanded to a dozen Foundations covering most of Southern Ontario, Canada (roughly 15 Million people). The program partners with local business to provide drop off locations for the community to donate their foreign currency. Aside from the Foundations themselves, there are over 40 other locations across the province.
Durham Children’s Aid Foundation is the founding charity and has a very robust presense. They use a Google map on their web page to highlight the local businesses and explain the program. They also regularly use social media to promote the program and their partners. DCAF also takes advantage of a Google Ad Grant program and uses a variety of ads to create even more awareness. In fact, their reach and Google rankings enables them to reach across Canada and into the U.S. and they regularly receive donations in the mail from as far away as Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver, British Columbia, and even from the U.S.
The program promotes the donation of foreign currency for reasons such as:
* The donor is not using disposible income, thereby not impacting their day to day
* Protects the environment
* – It keeps currency from being thrown away
* – Reduces the need for more coins to be minted
* It puts people to work as the sorting of mixed currency can only be done by hand

Awards | Coin Awards 2022


Best New Environmental Sustainability Project for Coins