Nominating Organziation Name and role, if any, in the Project:

Banco de México: product owner, project manager, lead designer & manufacturer

Project Team

Banco de México:

  • Design concept development (substrate, security features & graphics)
  • Definition of housenote’s security features & technical specifications
  • Security features’ integration
  • Detailed design, engraving & origination
  • Manufacturing
    CCL Secure:
  • Substrate design & manufacturing
  • Substrate security features’ integration
  • VIVID™Color security feature development & design
    Crane Currency:
  • MOTION SURFACE® stripe security feature development & design
  • MOTION™ SURFACE® stripe application on substrate

Project Description

Banco de México commemorates important milestones in its history through the design and production of housenotes. These are the means to test new materials, design features and security features with potential for use in banknote production. In November 7th 2023, the Central Bank released a housenote to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the inauguration Banco de México’s banknote printing works in Jalisco. Its design involved very close work with those who put these facilities into operation and that produce banknotes in it. It is the first housenote that Banco de México prints on polymer substrate, and it integrates novel security features: MOTION SURFACE® by Crane Currency and VIVID™Color by CCL Secure.

The design and integration of the security features was made possible thanks to the collaboration of everyone in a design workshop that took place in Mexico and brought together experts from the Central Bank, CCL Secure and Crane Currency. The result was the design of security features with attractive effects, feasible for industrial production and harmoniously integrated into the sketches.

The housenote sets itself appart from others because: it represented the opportunity to carry out a project in which the staff of the printing works, the design team and industry suppliers worked together; it is the first housenote designed and printed on polymer substrate; its design harmoniously integrates security features with graphic elements, as well as the emotions and experiences of the team who had the satisfaction of putting the banknote printing works into operation in Jalisco.

I understand that I will be required to provide displays of the note (according to IACA’s specs ) for voting at the Banknote Conference

Design Theme

Banco de México’s banknote design team interviewed many of the people who put the new factory into operation and those who currently work there producing Mexican banknotes. Feelings, experiences and symbols representative of Jalisco’s culture were the result of these interviews, all of which was a valuable input to start the design process. Next, the design team took photographs of the printing works in Jalisco to capture unique elements of its architecture and ornamentation, which were the source of inspiration for various graphic elements of the housenote. In the final sketch, the vignette on the front side shows the front entrance to the banknote printing works in Jalisco, whose construction began on October 14, 2015. This facilities have one production line and an installed production capacity of 700 million notes per year, 34% of the banknotes produced in Mexico. On the back of the note, a photograph of much of the team that put these facilities into operation is featured. The photograph was taken when the first printing machine was installed, an event that was cause for celebration and the beginning of a new stage in the production of Mexican banknotes. The number ”5” is a common element on both front and back of the note and alludes to the anniversary being commemorated. On the obverse, the ”5” is an allegory of the printing process. On the reverse, this number is surrounded by a phrase that integrates the emotions expressed by the colleagues responsible for banknote production in Jalisco: ”The facilities that we created together celebrate 5 years of printing dedication and pride in each banknote”.

Integration of Security Features

Based on the application of a security feature analysis methodology, two elements were selected:

  • Crane Currency’s MOTION SURFACE® stripe, which is based on micro-optical technology to generate 3D animations with movement and color. This feature is of interest to Banco de México because of its security characteristics and because it can be applied on cotton paper and polymer banknotes. To determine how many and which effects to include in the MOTION SURFACE® stripe, it was important to find a balance between the complexity to reproduce them and the ease of use and comprehension by the audience. Four visual effects were selected: flicker, sliding bands, deep animated & topo 3D effect. The MOTION SURFACE® feature is integrated with the rest of the housenote’s graphic elements, through its design and movement. Its representation gives continuity to the banknote production process that takes place inside the printing works. As it is also visible on the back side through a transparent window, it thematically connects both sides of the note.
  • CCL Secure’s VIVID™Color feature is integrated into the transparent window during substrate production. It consists of a tonal scale image (whites) when viewed under daylight. When inspected under ultraviolet light, the image is seen in vivid, bright colors. In the housenote, this feature shows the final result of the banknote production process. Its design consists of a fan-shaped composition of the G series of banknotes, the last one put into circulation by Banco de México, which allows to take advantage of the chromatic richness offered by the feature. It is incorporated in a transparent window that covers the entire height of the housenote (65mm) and almost 30% of its length (39.43mm).

Other Aspects

The housenote substrate was manufactured at CCL Secure’s facilities in Queretaro, Mexico. The VIVID™Color and G-SWITCH™ features were incorporated during its production. The MOTION SURFACE® feature was applied at Crane Currency’s facility in Ħal Far, Malta. The housenote was manufactured from August to October 2023 in the offset, intaglio, numbering and flexographic processes at the banknote printing works in Jalisco. On November 7, 2023, 5 years after the inauguration of the printing works, the housenote was delivered to all the staff working at Banco de México.

House note Image

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