China’s High-speed Railway Commemorative Circulating Coin

Product owner: The People’s Bank of China /China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation

Describe the project nominated

China’s high-speed railway commemorative coin is extremely beautiful in design and craftsmanship with high quality, which reflects the speed, stability and strength of China’s high-speed railway. This is a model of the perfect combination of design and technology, having the following five characteristics: First, the project planning is systematic in combination with authoritative experts from engineering and art industry. The coin indicates the great achievements of China’s reform and opening up in a better way. Second, the artwork design and minting technology are fully integrated, which is not only suitable for large production, but also embodies the beauty of the process. For example, you can find the strong contrast between mirror field and frosting effect, making the design elements more attractive. Third, the integrated design of coin and packaging further enhance the beauty of the product. For example, there is an opening window on the roll packaging showing the edge of coins more clear. Fourth, the total issuing volume of the coin is 0.2 billion pieces. The quality of coin is better controlled under the conditions of large production volume, reducing the number and extent of surface defects. It is difficult to find such high quality of commemorative circulating coin with large production volume in other country. Fifth, different anti-counterfeiting technologies are applied to the coin, such as latent image, micro-text, clad materials and alternative inclined interval half-serrations, which increase the anti-counterfeiting ability of the coin and decrease the fraud behavior in coin ecosystem.

Innovation of the design

It can create a strong dynamic feeling by the oblique triangles in the artwork designing, which is seldom used for coin design. What is more important is that the use of conceptual wires and tracks can form a strong perspective effect, showing the speed of the high-speed railway from far to near. In addition, the auxiliary patterns of station, bridge and distant mountains are designed in parallel, which is in sharp contrast with the triangle of the main scene pattern, further enhancing the impact of the high-speed railway.


First, the achievements of China’s high-speed railway have attracted worldwide attention and it is of great significance for the commemoration of this theme in China. Second, it is difficult to implement the high-quality production control due to the large issuing volume for China’s high-speed railway commemorative circulating coin. We successfully resolve this problem by inventing the online quality inspection machines, assuring the quality of every single piece at a high automation level. Third, There is an opening window on the roll packaging for showing the security feature on the edge of the coins. You can seldom find this technology in other country.

New Feature(s), Elements, or Design

  1. In order to improve the beauty of the coin surface effect, multi-layer sand blasting and mirror field treatment are applied on locomotive and window respectively, highlighting the main body and weakening the background.
  2. In order to improve the anti-counterfeiting performance of the coin, the information security technology is applied by recognizing the micro-text, latent image and laser dot matrix together. Once the genuine coin is confirmed, it will associate with the background information system.
  3. In order to improve the functionality of the roll packaging, there is an opening window to show the edge of the coin and the security thread normally used for banknote printing is implanted.
  4. In order to improve the quality level of the coin surface, the burnishing process is optimized to solve the most typical surface defect, such as fog-like defect on the core-ring jointing area.

Significance of the Event Commemorated

“China Speed” drives the progress of the times. “China Speed” is attracting more and more attention around the world, especially by means of the development of High-speed railway (HSR) in China. Our country is one of the global leaders in HSR bridges, tunnels and roadbeds, as well as track structure. On the whole, China boasts the cutting edge in the general design, construction, operation and technology of HSR, as measured by the five indicators of safety, reliability, applicability, cost-efficiency and advanced technology. Currently, China is home to the HSR network with the longest operating mileage and biggest construction scale in the world. China is one of the global leaders in HSR technology, which has become a cultural icon showcasing “China Speed.” Our country’s HSR also underpins “China Creation,” “China Intelligence,” “China Strength,” “China Pride” and “China Spirit.” China HSR is changing the landscape not only of China but of the whole world. HSR enables people to enjoy comfortable journeys around the world in a safe and convenient way. With the “Four South-North” and “Four East-West” rail network taking shape in China, the HRS is changing the ways people work and live. It is very important to issue a new commemorative circulating coin to reflect China’s HRS construction achievements.

Aesthetic Appeal

Oblique triangle composition can better reflect the stability of high-speed rail. Conceptualized wires and tracks can better reflect the speed of high-speed rail. Parallel auxiliary patterns can better highlight the prosperity of high-speed railway. It is a typical and beautiful commemorative coin in the history of Chinese coins.

Feedback from Stakeholders, Including the General Public

The issuance of the high-speed railway commemorative circulating coin has been well recognized by our central bank and positively evaluated by the public. It is a high-quality commemorative circulating coin with both artistic aesthetics and high technology content.

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