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CCL Secure

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Casa De Moneda De Chile , CCL Secure

Project Description

In 2022, Casa de Moneda marked its 279th anniversary with the launch of an iconic house note on CCL Secure’s GUARDIAN™ polymer. It embeds next-generation security features in the polymer substrate to demonstrate the country’s capabilities and celebrate its unique cultural heritage.

The house note was manufactured to publicise the capacity and high technological levels of banknotes, showcasing that the print works is capable of designing and producing banknotes with quality and security, up to the high standards demanded by the Banco Central de Chile and central banks around the world.

The banknote was unveiled at the 2022 High Security Printing Conference in Mexico. It features a range of CCL Secure’s proprietary security features – including VIVID, VIVID White, G-Switch, Iriswitch and Metalix.

The features are seamlessly integrated into a distinctly Chilean design, incorporating nature, geography and cultural iconography to tell a story rooted in the country’s proud past while embracing the innovations shaping its future.

I understand that I will be required to provide displays of the note (according to IACA’s specs ) for voting at the Banknote Conference

Design Theme

The design of the Casa De Moneda House Note holds great significance as it showcases the rich cultural and natural heritage of Chile. The use of the Andean Condor as the focal point of the design symbolises the country’s majestic landscapes and its connection to the Andean mountain range. The Condor’s large wingspan and ability to soar to great heights reflect the spirit of Chileans and their ability to overcome challenges with true autonomy.

The vertical presentation on the obverse side of the note represents the Atacama Desert, a unique geographical feature of Chile. This desert is not only one of the driest places on earth but also holds great historical and cultural significance. The inclusion of iconography from the DIaguita and Aymara peoples pays homage to their contributions and their ancient traditions that are deeply rooted in the region.

On the reverse side, the note is designed horizontally, showcasing the flora and fauna of Chilean Patagonia. This region is characterised by its stunning natural beauty, with vast plains, ancient forests, and breathtaking glaciers. The inclusion of iconography from the Selknam people recognises their cultural heritage and their close connection to the land.

Finally, the design theme and significance of the Casa De Moneda House Note celebrate the cultural diversity, natural beauty, and environmental consciousness of Chile. Through its innovative design and choice of imagery, the note serves as a powerful representation of the country’s identity and serves as an inspiration to protect and cherish its heritage for future generations.

Integration of Security Features

The security features integrated into the Chilean note seamlessly blend with its distinct design, incorporating natural elements and cultural symbols to connect with the country’s rich history and embrace future innovations. Among these features is the VIVID™ family, an advanced level two security feature by CCL Secure, which becomes active when viewed under UV light.

On both sides of the note, a vibrant blue spot ink containing VIVID fluoresces a bright yellow under UV light. This enhances the main window, adorned with designs of local flora like the ojo de agua flower and the delicate fern. VIVID White meanwhile, is also visible under UV light, appears in bright white in various aspects of the note, including representations of the Andean Condor bird and the Casa de Moneda logo.

Another remarkable feature is the Effect™ Cameo, achieved using G-Switch ink that changes colour from green to purple when the note is tilted at different angles. This ink is incorporated into the cameo in the window creating a visual masterpiece.

The note also exhibits a pearlescent sheen, visible from different angles, known as Iriswitch™. This feature is achieved through a stripe printed onto an opacified topcoat of substrate.

Celebrating Chilean nature, the note showcases desert animals with the use of a lustrous gold in Metalix™.

Overall, the Chilean note’s security features showcases cutting edge security for protection against counterfeiting but also fuse harmoniously with its design, reflecting the country’s heritage and embracing technological advancements. With the integration of natural elements, cultural symbols, and cutting-edge security technology, the note stands as a testament to Chile’s proud past while looking towards the future.

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