Canada 150

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Canada 150 marks a once in a generation milestone. The RCM leveraged this anniversary to bring Canadians together to celebrate diversity, tell stories, inspire, and help build a lasting legacy for future generations. The Canada 150 campaign invited Canadians to HOLD THE MOMENT. For the first time in 50 years, all circulation coins were changed! The 2017 circulation coins were designed by Canadians – these are the MCMI (My Canada My Inspiration) coins and feature a world-first glow-in-the-dark circulation coin. The campaign engaged with Canadians in ways that sought to maximize the reach and impact. In addition to traditional and digital media, the RCM engaged with Canadians through public coin launches, social media, Flip to Win online game, collector cards for the public, coin exchanges and MosaiCanada signature event.

Historical or Local Content

In addition to the circulation coins designed by Canadians that highlight the wonder of Norther Lights, Canada’s achievements, the flora and fauna that we must seek to protect and the diversity of our people, the Canada 150 program offered Canadians beatifully crafted coins that tell stories of our past. From the iconic Voyageur design to the proof dollar and proof set marking the Confederation of 1867. The Locomotives Across Canada series follows the evolution of locomotives from 1867 to modern day, instrumental in shaping Canada for the past 150 years. A 3-coin series marks historical landmarks along the path of Canadian history. A 3-coin set features the Forgotten 1927 Designs. A commemorative proof set showcases 1967 centennial designs by highly acclaimed artist Alex Colville, also availablein a stunning large coin series. And a legacy of the penny 5-coin set replicates the designs of Canada’s 1-cent from its first domestic strike.

Feedback from Stakeholders, Including the General Public

Employees, government, the public and coin collectors have all praised the Canada 150 program.


The Canada 150 campaign was carefully designed to create a consistent look, feel and message across all platforms – TV, radio, print, social media, events and website. Further, the RCM has created a collection of coins that capture Canada and what it means to be Canadian. The coins are a celebration of Canadian identity. An identity tied to Canada’s divers landscape, history and unique cultural composition. Complex and ever-changing, the coin designs represent what has influenced the Canadian spirit, what has fueled Canadian imagination and the many reasons to celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary.

Ease of Understanding

The communication is simple – HOLD THE MOMENT. The campaign sought to encourage Canadians to think about what makes them proud to be Canadian, what inspires them and to make Canada 150 coins the must-have keepsake to mark this anniversary – hold on to the coins to remember where you were and how you felt on Canada’s 150th.

Ease of Navigation, if applicable

The RCM website was re-designed to serve up the the most relevant products to customers, prominantly showcasing the Canada 150 suite of products.

Effectiveness of Messages and Communications

The campaign was a resounding success from coast to coast to coast! Canadians exchanged more than 400,000 coins through coin exchanges for the new 2017 MCMI (My Canada My Inspiration) designs. More than 1.6 million flips in the Flip to Win online game. More than 100,000 visitors to the RCM boutiques.The RCM has acquired more than 90,000 new customers, with a record-setting month in June! Record-breaking visitors to the website in a single day and in one month. More than 10 Canada 150 products sold out in less than 15 days! The most revenue ever recorded in one month!


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