Bank of Guatemala- 20 Quetzales Commemorative Banknote

Owner:  Bank of Guatemala

Printer: G + D CT GmbH
Substrate: PL Louisenthal
Inks: SPARK® Live and other security inks by SICPA
Security Thread: Galaxy, Saturn effect by Louisenthal

Much of Central America has experienced a profoundly important year. Guatemala celebrated its bicentennial, recognising 200 years of independence from Spain, declared on the 15th of September 1821. The 20 Quetzales banknote was put in circulation on 6 September, and significantly, is the first commemorative note ever launched by Banco de Guatemala. The Bank selected a middle denomination as it wanted to ensure all the public could easily participate in this event. The quetzal is actually derived from the name of the national bird, which is depicted on all quetzal denominations.

In addition to substrate security, the Level 2 security featured in the UV effect of this bicentennial note is stunning, adding to the significance of the banknote. And for the first time, a vertical orientation was chosen for the front. On the Front there is UV block that incorporates a Quill – standing for the quill used in signing the declaration of independence. There are Maya and Arabic number “20” around it. Also the building and the flag above it become visible under UV. The reverse UV is also outstanding. In normal light you can see a silhouette “overlay” of a flag behind the independence signing image, and under UV a true flag appears in blue. And within the flag are the years of the bicentennial 1821 – 2021. And the quetzal bird is perched on the flag mast. The Bank is well-equipped with equipment to monitor the machine readable features.

Awards | Currency Awards 2022


Best New Commemorative or Limited Circulation Banknote


Finalist | Nominee