Bank Indonesia 75 Years Independence Day of RI – Rp75.000

Printer: Perum Peruri
Security Thread: Crane AB
Banknote Paper: Crane AB

To count the blessings for 75 years independence and development of Indonesia, the Bank Indonesia issue 75 Years Republic Indonesia Independence Commemoration Note, also a symbol of Indonesian people optimism in the face of COVID-19 pandemic.

The 75 Years Republic Indonesia Independence Commemoration Note (UPK 75 Tahun RI) officially issued on 17 August 2020 has 3 (three) themes: (i) Count the Blessings for Independence, (ii) Strengthen Diversity, and (iii) See Brighter Days.

UPK 75 Years RI is printed in limited number as much as 75 (seventy five million) bilyet using technological innovation and the most advanced security and printing technique to produce higher quality and trusted Rupiah notes, thus Rupiah will always be the pride of the nation and sovereignty symbol of The Republic Of Indonesia.

UPK 75 Years RI is printed on durable paper and use post print varnish coating printing technique, thereby it can endure much longer use period. UPK 75 Years RI is secured by the most advanced security thread with dynamic motion effect showing Batik Kawung motive which is a trade mark of Indonesian culture, multitoned watermark and high visibility electrotype in low light intensity room condition, and Optically Variable Magnetic Ink (OVMI) security features to create colour changes effect and visible motion. The use of the most advanced printing techniques and security features by the Bank Indonesia made Rupiah is recognizably easy that it’s real, deter counterfeit, and longer use period.

Awards | Currency Awards 2022


Best New Commemorative or Limited Circulation Banknote


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