5 Euro Collector Coin Germany, Proof Quality (Spiegelglanz)

Product Owner: State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg & Bavarian State Mint on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany

Increased Efficiency, Safety or Environmental Protection

Subject: German 5-Euro Collector Coin „Tropical Climate Zone“, Proof Quality

The new tri-material-coin presents the coin-novelty with a translucent red colored polymer ring which connects the center and outer ring. The attractive polymer ring not only enhances the coin‘s aesthetic value, it also increases the degree of protection against counterfeits. The process for fusing the three parts of the coin together is complex and cannot be carried out without the technology required specifically for this step. Polymer coins can be validated by coin detectors as acceptable beyond any reasonable doubt. Thanks to nanopigments, polymer has become a unique material which offers additional security features, making this technology suitable for a new generation of circulating coinage.

Notably Improved Quality of a Product or Process

Subject: German 5-Euro Collector Coin „Tropical Climate Zone“, Proof Quality

German 5-Euro Collector Coin

The new 5-Euro coin series „Climate Zones of the Earth“ has started into 2017 with the motif „Tropical Climate Zone“. The design fascinates by excellent translation of the subject. The inner section shows the giant trees of the tropical zone. The parrot symbolizes the biodiversity of the tropics. The red ring defines the transition into an uncongested outer ring area which underlines the shiny appearance of the coin.

The reverse includes the German eagle in the inner section, the face value 5-Euro, Bundesrepublik Deutschland as issuing country, the mint mark, the year mark 2017 and the 12 stars of the EU. Obverse and reverse of the coin are in excellent harmony.




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