200 Tenge Circulation Coin

Owner:  National Bank of Kazakhstan

This circulation coin was introduced on January 28, 2020 and replaced the banknote with a similar denomination. The 200 tenge banknote was the lowest in the nominal banknote range, as a result of which it had a large circulation, actively participated in the retail system, respectively, had a short circulation period (from 1 to 1.5 years) and caused problems related to sanitary and epidemiological standards. A coin of the same denomination has a circulation period of 10 to 15 years.

Due to the dashed lines that follow the contour of the nominal value, when light rays hit it, especially at an acute viewing angle, which is the most problematic for identifying the nominal value, the digital value of the coin is clearly perceived. This factor is especially important for senior citizens and people with poor eyesight. The design style of the coin traces the symbiosis of artistic elements of Eastern and Western cultures, emphasizing the peculiarities of the existing ethnic relations within the state.

In the design of the coin, there are graphic elements that allow you to protect it from counterfeiting as much as possible. The complex geometry of the edge, in addition to a clear tactile perception, serves as a good protection against fakes.
The use of complex protective elements, such as microtext, hidden images, etc., leads to a reduction in the service life of the minting tool and to an increase in the cost of coin production. Therefore, the goal of the project was the task – with a minimum number of technologically complex security elements to use design techniques that would fully protect the coins from counterfeiting and be easy to handle.

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Best New Circulating Coin or Coin Series


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