100€ Silver Coin: 20th anniversary of the Euro

Organization Name:  Monnaie de Paris

This commemorative coin celebrates the 20th anniversary of the euro as well as the famous 20th French franc.
The figure is dividend in two parts
This double tribute is symbolized by the presence of an olive branch in the hollow of the “2”, a natural and numismatic symbol that has accompanied the 1 franc coins since the monetary reform of the Fifth Republic.
The “O” is represented as a €2 coin, split in two between the original design by Joaquin Jiménez dating from 1999 and the new national obverse put into circulation in January 2022. The opposition of the two designs allows us to observe the evolution of the engraver’s tree of life, in a more contemporary form.

Awards | Coin Awards 2022


Best New Commemorative or Test Circulating Coin Issued at Face Value


Finalist | Nominee