CashEssentials Reports added to the E-library

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IACA thanks Guillaume Lepecq and Cash Essentials for sharing their past Reports in the IACA e-library.  These reports serve as useful and educational resources for our members.  You can access in our e-library HERE.  You must log-in to see reports.

The reports are as follows:

CashTech:  Taking Cash Forward–  Published 2021; How technology and innovation can create a sustainable and future-proof cash cycle

Future of Cash – Published 2021; the paper is based on the discussions of a series of interactive webinars combining futurists and experts from cash and payments world aimed at using Futures Literacy to image the Future of Cash.  NOTE:  IACA IS HOSTING A WEBINAR ON THIS TOPIC IN NOVEMBER 2022.

Hidden Cost of Card Payments – Published 2016; this paper looks at the hidden costs of card payments, in order to be able to make a fair comparison to the cost of cash.

Cash Glossary – Published Nov 2020; this document aims to serve as a bridge between all those who are involved in the design, production, issuance, distribution, transportation, handling and destruction of banknotes and coins. By Using a common language and terminology, the cash community can grow closer together.

CashEssentials is an independent initiative offering a platform for debate about the payments and monetary ecosystems, and conducting and fostering high-quality research on cash and its future.

First launched in 2016, the website has at present an array of written and digital resources available to the public from CashEssentials webinars and research, nearly 2000 articles and publications, and more.

The CashEssentials also offers a Cash and Crises portal designed to give aid agencies and the public a closer look into the payments landscape, its stakeholders, and more specifically, the overall cash cycle. The content contains a videographic series and podcasts that focuses on lesser known issues related to cash and its management, from the actual cost of various types of transactions, to the role of central banks in crisis situations; the unintended consequences of mobile payments; how foreign exchange works, and more.