Pearl was appointed the Head of Currency Management Department at the South African Reserve Bank effective 1 March 2021. She is responsible for the management and operations of the entire Currency function which includes both banknotes and coin. Her responsibilities span from research, development of both banknotes and coin, issuance, distribution, and destruction. She therefore works very close with the South African Bank Note Company and the South African Mint and is a Board Member of both subsidiaries. Pearl is also responsible for the 3 Cash Centres of the SARB which are responsible for distribution and processing of banknotes. Pearl is leading the SARB in the Central Bank Digital Currency feasibility study.

Pearl joined the Bank in 2018 as the Divisional Head responsible for Research, Policy, and Strategy within the Currency Management Department, where she was responsible for conducting research on emerging developments in the currency landscape, developing innovative strategies and formulating innovative and futuristic policies.
Prior to her appointment at the South African Reserve Bank, she held various senior roles at both governments departments and private companies.

Pearl holds a degree in economics from the University of Witwatersrand and an MBA FROM Milpark Business School.